The Office In The Attic!

October 23, 2012

Last week we blogged about how office design does not have to be large scale to be awesome and that sometimes the smallest offices are even cooler than the supersized square foot hoarders. The reason for this is that when you have loads of space you don’t really have to maximize its use or efficiency but if you have a small office you really need to get the most out of it and this can lead to even more creative and clever design features that help to achieve this goal.

Another wicked project that personifies this concept is by Ukrainian Designer Vasiliy Butenko, his new office project, simply called “Attic” is another inspiring design that showcases how a small space can really capture your imagination and produce and output per square foot ratio that I am sure many large office’s would be envious of. As described by Vasiliy below:

The interior design of the concept office ‘attic’ uses an open loft plan to divide the room into a more enjoyable workspace. Combining the use of a smaller building for the working area, the space transforms into the centerpiece of the interior with high vaulted ceilings and ample room for interacting. Alongside an spacious lounge area and meeting room, the office also provides the use of a full concrete washroom making any employee feel at home. The extension of a terrace provides an alternative place to relax and absorb views of the ocean during lunch breaks or through the glass while working inside the designated office environment .

This project is all about feeling at home and creating a relaxing working environment but from the images below you will see how clever the space planning and storage space planning is and this is what really makes this project pop, well, that and some of the seriously cool design features such as those “to die for” light fittings, the chocolate and magenta color palette and the quirky furniture pieces. The images below capture this office design perfectly,  check them out and see if this is the kind of small office you could see yourself working in, I know I definitely could.