The Original Trendsetter!

April 22, 2012

In the last few years we have seen a huge shift in retail back into the retro era, most notably this has been seen in the sports industry, the movement has been pioneered by the heavy hitters such as AdidasNike and Puma. I really do dig the approach and what I also really like is the payoff of the movement in terms of store design. Today’s feature project is all about creating a retro and eclectic environment for one of these heavy weights in the sports apparel and equipment world.

The new Adidas Originals store in New York City was designed by another heavyweight in the world of interior architecture and design, Sid Lee Architecture combined once more with Aedficia in the delivery of the project. Favorite elements for me are as always the understated and simplistic nature of the design with subtle touches that enhance the simplicity and allow the real hero, the product, to shine.

Subtle touches such as the custom made visual merchandising arenas, the store present beautifully because of these, there is no clutter or miscasting going on in this store, from the wall finishes to the unassuming lighting to the visual merchandising, everything is clean, sleek and presents superbly.  Added to this are clever touches that enforce the brand identity, clever touches like the feature wall with the Adidas Originals logo made up out of TV’s frames, graphics and books. A further reinforcement is the use of the blueprints on one of the feature walls; this use breaks up the monotone grey that dresses the environment and brings us back to the originals concept. I could go on and on about design elements in this store that I really like but the images below do all that for me, check out the fun and playful elements such as those groovy and random chairs that are placed, they are rather like the store, in the sense that they rock.

Images Credited to Sid Lee Architecture.