The Perfect Pharmacy If You’re Feeling Blue!

After a slightly overindulgent food fest of a weekend I could do with the odd Rennie or three to keep the heartburn at bay during another awesome week of designing, blogging, specifying, surveying and tweeting. I probably wouldn’t find it such a chore to go to the local pharmacy if it looked like today’s inspiring feature project.

The Blue Goose Pharmacy in South Yarra, Victoria is another great example of a project that takes traditional boring pharmacy design and flips it into an intriguing and captivating space that inspires rather than tires its customers. Designed by Red Design Group, who we noted before for their awesome work on the Candy Room project, this space is one that fits perfectly into our category for a simple yet stunningly creative interior.

Our issue with pharmacy designs has always been that the boring white box design that seems to be the norm does not need to be the norm; this is something we stress to our own clients and something that is proved once more by The Blue Goose.  Elements that I like about this store include the use of the wood for the flooring and counters, mixed with the baby blue color palette and the subtle yet elegant lighting features  all come together to create a relaxed and warm environment that puts the customer at ease.

Juxtapose this to the traditional medicinal look and feel of normal pharmacies and you will note a stark contrast about how they make one “feel”. I think the façade is stunning; continuing the use of the wood onto the doors is a brilliant idea, like the cool branding of this store and the point of sale graphics it is a simple and unassuming touch that has great effect. Lest I forget the Geese, another simple but playful touch showing the designers talent in thinking about every aspect of the store design. Another great interior design by Red Design Group. Check out the cool images below and to read more about the project from the designers just click here.

Images Credited to Red Design Group