The Perfect Setting For Tapas!

May 15, 2012

Last weekend I went out for a girlie night at the One & Only on the Palm Jumeriah and decided to try their tapas bar, whilst the hotel is stunning I did sit and think to myself, there is something that just isn’t right about eating tapas with friends and being surrounded by 5 star interior design. For me this just doesn’t fit, I envisage a rustic charming and eclectic space with an almost bohemian underground feel when I think of sharing tapas with friends, it is the image that comes to mind most, perhaps because of my time in Madrid.

This is what I get with today’s feature project, Barrio 47 is located in New York and is as underground and as rustic as you could imagine, which is something that works amazingly well and is ever popular in New York. Designed by Bluarch Architecture + Interiors + lighting this space is one that tickles all of my industrial rustic buttons. As described by the designers below:

Barrio 47, a new tapas restaurant, has now joined the West Village’s hip restaurant circuit, the restaurant’s hand-painted murals were chosen to remain in the new design, while the opposite south-facing wall within the bar areas has now been clad in plaster of varying tones of warm neutrals and then adorned with a laser cut feature and affixed with rivets Subway tiles in black and a deep green have been applied to all other vertical surfaces.

A custom made iron chandelier lit by 1/2″ incandescent light bulbs span the length of the bar area, establishing two separate areas for the bar and for dining. The back dining area is lit by linear pendant lighting. The place is energized by the controlled doses of red on the bar stools and brick oven, and further enlivened by the white Carrara marble bar and table tops.

As you can see from the images below and the description from the designers, you can’t get more underground and rustic than an old New York subway station tiled wall, the murals are set of beautifully with the stunning lighting features and the brick oven is a captivating centre piece that adds to the charm of this 120 square meter space, there is also a hint of stylish chic about this rustic space, mainly from the grogeous 1920’s style leather seats, a lovely and eclectic addition to the space that brings the whole design together in my opinion. A really cool and inspiring design that we adore and hope one day to visit when we are next in New York.