The Periodic Pharmacy!

Summer is here with a vengeance, the temperatures are soaring and so is my AC bill for the office and the house, the car is getting its fair use too in the AC department, but it is all in the aid of keeping cool in the 45+ degree furnace. You would think the worst thing about the summer in Dubai is the heat, I would usually agree but now I am more inclined to think it is the bugs and the colds that are a byproduct of using the AC so much, I seem to be spending more and more time in pharmacies these days, which isn’t a good thing as a designer because, well, most of them are just boring.

If my local pharmacy was anything like today’s feature project then boredom would not be an issue. Farmacia Santa Cruz in Tenerife is far from being a boring white space, designed by Marketing – Jazz this 300 square meter space is all about customer ease and as an added bonus it is also easy on the eye. Favorite elements for me include the use of the pharmacy symbol as a main design feature, both on the sales counters, dispensary units and as a visual merchandising aid on the shop front. The idea of using the colored periodic table as a dispensary counter is brilliant, I really like this integration and play on the link between chemistry and pharmaceuticals. This splash of color mixed with some of the retail display units lift this space into the forward thinking and innovative pharmacy standings away from the tired old dreaded white box that we have so often spoke about before.