The Restaurant With Nine Lives!

March 5, 2012

Do you ever have one of those days that you just say, “to heck with it, I fancy a change”? Do you tire of the same restaurant every few weeks or the same office everyday and get the feeling that you need to inject some new creativity into the monotony? A new restaurant concept in New York has taken this notion and has decided to reinvent themselves over and over again every 30 days for a 9 month stretch.

As part of a collaboration Interior designer Elle Kunnos de Voss of design studio The Metrics has teamed up with Chef John Fraser and branding designer Emilie Baltz to create the awesome new pop up restaurant concept called What Happens When in the heart of Manhattan. The concept is that this reclaimed space will transform on a monthly basis and as such the design needs to lend itself to this notion.

As explained in greater detail by Elle Kunnos de Voss on The Metrics Website:

Our overall concept for the space is a ‘work in progress’ transparency into the design process as the architectural drawings are mapped out onto the dining room surfaces in 1:1, with each Movement change red lined to manifest the process and record the transformations.

Within this frame work we will design; a new lighting scheme and fixtures, unique spatial elements to create variations of visual compositions like perspective, scale and form and a new color scheme for every 30 day Movement. To keep the space flexible for the changing light and spatial installations we have designed a grid of hooks for the ceiling.

For us we love how this project is so complex in terms of creating a useable and responsive space yet the designers have made it look all rather simple through the choice of using the architectural drawings as a guide point, not only this but using the architectural drawings as the main design feature. Not only are we all over this as a wicked piece of interior design we are also huge fans of the concept and if we were based in NYC we would make sure that every 30 days we kept our eyes open for the next transition.  We have selected three sets of images below to show some of the transitions, we hope you enjoy them.

Photography Credited to Felix de Voss 

Here comes a transition: