There’s Life In The Old Barn Yet!

July 15, 2012

Every now and again I come across a project that reminds me that not everything has to glitter to be golden; these types of projects have an old school traditional and captivating charm that can only have been achieved through natural order rather than fabrication. Once such project is a restaurant based in Charroux, France. On the outside this may not look like many of the other restaurants we have blogged about in terms of style and innovation but what it does do is it ranks higher than most projects in terms of stunning architectural skill and creativity as this is project is a wonderful renovation of a tired old dilapidated barn.

Designed by Comac this stunning barn conversation is loved by us for many different reasons, the main being that this renovation is all about respect, the respect the designers have shown to the original barn and surroundings in the creation of the space is admirable and something that we just adore, again perhaps because this is not the type of project we have been accustomed to here in Dubai. From the interior standpoint I applaud the simple, muted and minimalist approach, this subtle interior is the perfect accompaniment to the surrounding barns as to have designed this space in a showy or sparkly new fandangle way would have been an insult to the beautiful surroundings. This renovation has captured and portrays one of the best elements there is in interior architecture and design and this is charm. This space Is all about old, rustic charm and I absolutely love it, even more so given that the cost of the project was a mere €90,000 (roughly 450,000 AED).

Images Credited to Comac & Julien Combes