Three’s No Longer A Crowd!

April 28, 2013

Less is more, we have coined that phrase quite a few times on this blog and in relation to this term one of the things we often tell our new clients is to pick one thing and be awesome at that before branching out. For instance how many electronics stores to we go into and they are a hive of mish mashed competing activities selling everything from stereo’s to TV’s, fridges, cookers, fans, toasters, iPods, tablets, laptops and phones?

In stores like this it can be quite hard to focus and concentrate and unless you know exactly what you want (having researched beforehand) you are less like to make a purchase of such a high value item on impulse on the first visit to that store, unless that store is a specialist and somewhere that does one thing and one thing brilliantly.

Take today’s feature project as an example, The Three Mobile Stores in the UK are funky stores that are all about great customer service, engaging and interactive design and selling the latest in mobile phones. Designed by Urban Salon these stores are the perfect place for a shopper to go if they are looking to make a qualified and educated decision on a product, somewhere they can view, try and research the product in a calm but lively atmosphere, the design has this balance down to a tee and as such the chances of more first time sales should be (one would hope) much higher than in an over cluttered rival that has put less thought into the design and customer experience.

Check out this colourful yet quite sophisticated store in the images below, for me stores like this and the Telecom stores are wicked examples of stores doing one thing and being awesome at it rather than just being ok, or worse, mediocre but doing 100 things. Then again not everyone is as intense as me when it comes to researching items before they buy them, I am a bit of a nerd like that.

Three Mobile Store Interior designed by Urban Salon1

Three Mobile Store Interior designed by Urban Salon2

Three Mobile Store Interior designed by Urban Salon3

Three Mobile Store Interior designed by Urban Salon4