Through The Rabbit Hole!

October 29, 2013

Today’s feature project comes from the other side of the rabbit hole with this Alice In Wonderland inspired retail project in Germany.  Witty Knitters is a clothing store that is all about differentiating themselves with a quirky sense of style that uses texture, distortion and patterns to create a wonderfully attractive and appealing space.

Created by Vizona, this is a project that is sure to appeal to retail design lovers across the board, favourite elements for me include the use of those crazy old doors on the walls, what an awesome way to create the whirlwind rabbit hole effect, I also enjoy the array of bold patterns and different textural elements used on the walls. This mish mash of materials and finishes creates a warm yet bold and playful atmosphere that is sure to intrigue even the most stern of customers who come into this store.

Aside from these elements the strongest stand out feature for me is the stunning flooring, a very bold move by the designers but one that ties this eclectic and eccentric design together beautifully. Top this all off with a cute bunny rabbit and a selection of the Mad Hatters comely hats and you have a real winner of a project with a wonderful sense of humour as well as a great sense of style. Enjoy folks 🙂