Trend Forecast 2013 – Customized Wall Coverings!

December 16, 2012

Continuing our trend forecast for 2013 series today we are featuring our opinion of what one of the big material trends will be in 2013. For us this year we reckon that one of the most specified items on designers portfolios will be wall coverings.

2013 comes 5 years after the heart of the “boom days”, especially in the UAE and Europe, as such many clients and designers are now looking at refurbishing tired old spaces and brining them up to date, where budgets and time may be in short supply wall coverings will be one of the “go to” materials in 2013 to give new life to tired spaces.

For our projects in Dubai and the MENA region we tend to use a company called Ohpopsi as one of our preferred suppliers, as an example they can create wall coverings using any high res image for any space which is leading to some awesome new office designs as well as being big in the residential market we love the flexibility this customization gives us, especially when it comes to asserting the brand identity in commercial projects.

A new wall feature can do wonders for a space that was perhaps quite boring once before and can give a lot of extra depth and texture to something that may have been quite bland. Already for 2013 we have specified wall coverings for a beauty salon, a ladies retail boutique, a perfume store, an office project and a restaurant, hopefully we are on point with this trend and 2013 does indeed prove to be a big year for wall coverings. Below are some examples of projects and designers using wall coverings throughout the world.

rosa celje



Wall coverings

Wall Coverings Dubai34

Wall Coverings Dubai