Turning Cafe Design On Its Side!

February 12, 2012

Today’s blog post is a great example of how one simple design feature can transform an  everyday run of the mill interior design project into a project that gets talked about all over the world, blogged about on every major design blog and is regularly described with words such as “wow” and “awesome”. Nema Workshop created this wicked design concept for their client in the D’espresso Café in New York City, the much talked about space is so distinctive because of its one main but very cool design feature, the Library tiles. These artistic tiles give the impression that this café is a library turned on its side, now usually we describe at this point what we love about the concept, but we feel that this one really is self explanatory.

Check out the images below and then picture the same space just with a simple white tiled flooring and exposed walls or painted walls, I am pretty sure what you are picturing is pretty similar to a thousand coffee shops you have seen before and nowhere near a as funky as this one.  Don’t stare too long though, you might start finding yourself twisting your neck, I know we did.

Images Credited to David Joseph