Ushering Pharmacy Design Into The 21st Century!

When we think of pharmacy design the first words that always come to mind are, clinical, white, bland, boring and monotonous. It is an unfortunate occurrence that these words go hand in hand with pharmacy design, but these adjectives are what sums up the majority of pharmacies across the globe. Should you be in London, Dubai, Munich, Oslo, Niece, Mumbai or Yemen you are likely to find a pharmacy nearby where its design fits into this mould.

But why is this?  The one area of reasoning we have come up with is that pharmacy design due to its nature is synonymous with health care or hospital design; it is to be neutral, non-offensive and practical it cannot be too outlandish or garish as the environment it is in would not take too kindly to that type of design. Which brings us to our next question; does this need to be the case?

The projects we are featuring today prove that this does not have to be the norm as the Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy designed by the innovative Karim Rashid proves. The Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy is a project in Belgrade, from the images below you can see how the use of one slightly “out there” colour and some design features can transform the insipid interior of a pharmacy into a piece of design genius.

According to the designer “the architectural forms and weight of the space reference the intricacies of the human body and healing process, utilising devices such as soft flowing walls and organic shape to create a sense of comfort and security”  These subtle elements of design really push this pharmacy design into a class of its own.

Another project that goes against the grain and inspires radical thought is a project by Greek design studio KLab Architects. The designers have created an innovative duplex pharmacy ironically name the Placebo Pharmacy in Athens. Soft lighting, bespoke cabinetry and clean lines allow this design to radiate rather than blend, the images below transcend the flat, monotone designs we allude to in the opening of this article.

Photographs of this project are credited to P. Kokkinias.

Here we have two excellent projects from extremely talented designers that replace the aforementioned adjectives with positive ones, words like innovative, visionary and revolutionary come to mind when looking at these projects. Here we have extremely talented designers proving that Pharmacy design can be sexy, can be stylish, can be fun and can be creative.

Both of these projects were also featured in Dezeen and Arch Daily.