Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

July 9, 2012

They say that variety is the spice of life, well if that is the case then today’s feature project is one of the hottest hotel designs around. The Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore is all about variety and amazing variety at that. With only 29 rooms in the old Indian school building, which remains relatively untouched on the outside this project brought together some of the finest design studios in Singapore, design studios such as Asylum, Phunk Studio, fFurious and Dp Architects.

So why does the project have such an ensemble cast for the interior design? The idea behind it is that each practice took ownership of one floor and stamped their design touches on that floor, thus creating an eclectic, inspiring and creative space that screams of difference as you move further up the building. Asylum had the task of designing the hotel lobby and reception area. Taking a theme of industrial glam the lobby echoes the glamour through the bright shiny sparkly furniture pieces and the wow factor feature art wall, these elements are set against the industrial backdrop of the exposed ceiling, poured concrete floor and the stripped columns. What this lobby does best is to tell the story of the hotel, it captures the juxtaposition of the old little India surrounding the hotel is in with the new glamorous innovation that the hotel seeks to be, it is a clash of styles, new and bright against the old and industrial, if only interior design was poetry.

Moving up to the 1st floor things being to change drastically, the industrial glam look fades into a world of psychedelic color explosion which is fitting given that the theme designed by Phunk Studio is eccentricity and boy oh boy this floor certainly is eccentric. Whilst not being to my taste I know a lot of people who would love to stay in these rooms, what I really like though is the musical tie in, the funky light art covers songs from famous artists that reflect the tone of the room, such as the Yellow Submarine by The Beatles for the Yellow Room (naturally).

Things take a total about turn on the 2nd floor, the vast arrays of color are replaced with a much more subdued finish, still it is to be expected when the theme is “is it just black and white?” This floor was designed by Dp Architects and as the theme suggests it is a design that plays off black and white with a hint of color. This is my favorite floor along with the lobby, I love the use of the origami inspired architectural form in the rooms, I also applaud the playful pop art elements that are used in the rooms such as the stenciled furniture decorations and the floral wall features, I am not usually a fan of neon but as a contrast to the black and white backdrop I am inclined to make an exception for this floor. The last floor is a playful creation from fFurious, with a theme of creature comforts this area is almost transporting you back to your childhood with playful little monsters, spaceships and a forest to hide in.

No matter which floor you stay on in the Wanderlust Hotel you’re guaranteed to be treated to an awesomely designed space. This is a brilliant concept for a hotel and something that I hope many hotels in the future look at doing as it creates such difference in perception, for that reason alone is enough for me to book myself in the next time I am in Singapore. A truly unique project that I am sure will divide a lot of opinion but for us it gets the big Studio EM thumbs up. Check out the images below and see if you can work out which floor is which.

We first came across this project on the awesome designboom a full indepth feature article is here.