Visual Merchandising, The Louis Vuitton Way!

June 28, 2012

This week at EMquarters we have been busy working on a new Visual Merchandising project for our clients at Harvey Nichols in Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai. As such we have spent hours and hours researching some of the best trends, designs and displays in the world of Visual Merchandising, needless to say it has been awesome doing the research as the creativity that is shown in Visual Merchandising is fantastic, as we said in a blog post last year great Visual Merchandising really does compliment the interior design of projects.

During our research we started to see a trend as to who the market leaders are in the world of Visual Merchandising, specifically window displays, naturally we thought it’s time to showcase one of those market leaders, today we are going to be focusing on (as the title would suggest) Louis Vuitton. The level of difference and variety shown by the Visual Merchandising designers at Louis Vuitton is incredible which is why they have come up with some of the most famous window displays in the world of retail design, just check out some of these beauties from around the world.

Louis Vuitton Circus Windows, Paris


Louis Vuitton, The Collectors Windows, New York


Louis Vuitton, Ostrich Windows, New York


Louis Vuitton, Windows, Zurich

Ever wondered how these awesome window displays came to life? Check out the cool video below to see how.