Welcoming Microsoft To The Cool Office Club!

June 5, 2012

It has been a long time coming but sometimes the search for awesome design is worth the wait, now we can say that finally Silicon Valley powerhouses Microsoft have joined the cool office gang along with some of their tech rivals. The design was part of a competition (my thoughts on this are best saved for another post) that was won by Austrian firm Innocad.  Innovating but in a subdued and reassured way, a reliable sense of quality with a hint of daring and vibrance but most of all 100% functional, this is how I view Microsoft as a company as this office design as a brand extension of Microsoft couldn’t fit any better.

From a playful point of view I am digging the break out and meeting room areas, some are controlled, refined for more professional or serious meetings while others are awesome backdrops for creative brainstorm sessions. I am also a huge fan of the reception area, the vinyl flooring creates a cool and engaging effect that gives the huge reception area a great deal of character that could easily have gone missing. There are so many elements about this project that are done brilliantly, have a look at the images below to see what we mean, one thing is for sure and that is that Microsoft can now say that they are proud members of the Tech Companies cool office club… as well as being another one of those companies that can say….. yes we do have a slide in our office.

Photography Credited to Paul Ott