When The Artwork Makes A Space!

March 23, 2017

I absolutely love designing quirky and funky restaurant projects and one of my absolute favorite things to do is to use amazing artwork, be it hand painted murals or graphic prints, anything I can get my hands on to give a project a bit of attitude or a real kick.

When you pair some attention grabbing artwork with a range of beautiful fixtures and fittings that really compliment it, the results can be stunning and “stunning” is the perfect word to describe todays feature design project.

Coming all the way from Sydney Australia, the gorgeous Eastside Grill, created by Giant Design is a project that has nailed the sexy use of artwork to create a really theatrical and vibrant mood, especially when you couple it with the lighting design, the furniture and fittings that are all absolutely on point.

I also like how the floor is broken up with different textures and finishes as a demarcation between the bar and dining areas, added to this, the brick and steel finishes that marry so well as a juxtaposition, giving us a design that is quite sophisticated but remains trendy and relaxed.

With that being said, the real hero here really has to be the artwork, it is just amazing and if you remove it, you remove the very essence of the design or the heart of the concept, I am such a huge fan of it.


Photography Credited to Andrew Worssam Photography