Next Showing… A Beautiful Juxtaposition!

July 11, 2012

Being an interior architect is not all about designing new spaces from scratch, more often than not we are given an already purpose built space and told to redesign it for a new purpose, this is one of the more challenging aspects of being an interior architect, why? Well it is never easy to fit a square box into a circular hole and this is what it can feel like. However when repurposing interior design is done correctly the results can be simply stunning such as today’s feature project which combines two purposes that share no correlation, an old run down slaughterhouse and a new bright and shiny public cinema.

The old slaughterhouse based in Madrid is now, thanks to churtichaga+quadra salcedo architects (ch+qs)  an awesome new cinema complex that hosts, exhibition space, cinema rooms, canteens and offices for the employees.  The project is a stunning piece of juxtaposition, the old factory styled brick and crumbling exterior that was once a place of slaughter is now the host to beautiful interior architectural form, stunning pockets of light, awe inspiring sculptures and rooms with such sophisticated yet simple elegance that I am almost running out of superlatives. Check out the awesome images below and see why we think this project is such an awesome piece of interior architecture and design.

Images Credited to Fernando Guerra

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