White Space For Coffee Lovers!

April 24, 2013

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy at Studio EMquarters with a few new projects that have come in, needless to say that the coffee has been flowing in ample amounts. With all the restocking going on it’s fair to say that I am slightly jealous that I don’t have an awesome store like today’s feature project to go to on my trips out of the office for the refills.

Studio Belenko designed the new Illy Boutique in Odessa, Ukraine and it is a wicked little store project that uses white space the way white space should be used, as the perfect backdrop and platform to a product that pops off the shelves. This is as much testament to the famous Illy Branding as it is to the store designers but I love the fusion of the classical white space store concept with the classical furniture and the more modern and quirky design touches such as the lights and the ceiling feature. This boutique is an interesting little project that I am sure makes the whole process of buying coffee and coffee machines that much more pleasurable.

Illy Coffee Boutique Store Interior Design

Illy Coffee Boutique Store Interior Design2

Illy Coffee Boutique Store Interior Design3