Who Needs A Lunchbox?

December 19, 2011

The Pop Up Restaurant, a relatively new phenomenon and trend within the architecture and design world, a trend that we both love and admire as customers and designers. We have covered a number of Pop Up concepts in our blog and a lot of them have involved using container architecture, something that is both sustainable and good for the environment if done correctly such as the Greenhouse by Joost Bakker Pop Up Restaurant in Sydney earlier this year.

A new Pop Up restaurant making waves in the design and hospitality world is the effortlessly cool SnackBox based in the centre of New York’s thriving and bustling Times Square.  The concept was created and designed by entrepreneur Jonathan Morr in tandem with Montreal based Architecture and Design firm Ædifica and MuvBox.  The SnakBox is completely self-sufficient and eco-friendly as it generates its own heat and energy supply from a hybrid system that combines energy from batteries and a generator, it also hold its own water from tanks that are built into the container, meaning that this dainty pop up restaurant really is completely portable.

What we love about this project is its simplicity, it is literally a 6ft container when it is closed, but In a matter of minutes it transforms when opened up into one of New York’s coolest and most stylish vendor cafes. Check out the images below of this super cool project.

All image credits go to Cesar Nicolescu