Obliterated By Color!

July 19, 2012

As it is the end of another week and a very busy week at that we thought we should just go crazy with today’s feature project and literally explode with creative madness. With a little bit of interior design, a little bit of art and a whole lot of color you get today’s feature project. Unlike most of our other Thursday funky fresh and fun project features today’s is an art installation aptly named The Obliteration Room.

So where is this crazy and awesome installation taking place? It has to be Japan, right? Well no surprisingly it is not, it is based in Queensland, Australia at the Gallery Of Modern Art. But surely something this awesome, colorful and funky must have some Japanese inspiration? Never one to disappoint I can say for sure that it has, as the Obliteration Room is the brainchild of Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama. There is little I need to say about the project as the below images capture everything you need to know, but in simple terms here it is:

A White Room + A Small Child + Small Childs Family + Thousands Of Colorful Stickers = Obliteration Awesomeness

Enjoy the images below credited to Queensland Art Gallery and Photographer Mark Sherwood as well as additional images from Stuart Addelsee and Heybubbles and rock out to this week’s Thursday funky fun and fresh project feature.