Who Wouldn’t Want To Work Here?

March 25, 2012

When we talk about brand extension in retail outlets we usually use the store design as being the prime element of the brand extension, but with one particular retailer their new corporate headquarters is the epitome of brand extension awesomeness. Known for great clothes and much loved store designs Urban Outfitters can now boast that they have one of the best office complex’s in the world to match everything else that they have going on.

The 285,000 square foot space located in a Historic Navy Yard in Philadelphia is not only a great piece of Architecture and Interior Design but one of those dream places you would want to work. Designed by Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd the space is now an example of office envy for most employees out there as this space includes A dog park for the employees dogs (yes seriously) a yoga studio, lawns to walk on, a gym, f&b outlets and a farmers market, so you can grab your groceries on the way home.

For us, this space gets us going on many fronts, primarily as it is another wonderful industrially rustic space from Urban Outfitters but also because this is a space that puts the employees first, a space that cares for those that use it and a space that inevitable encourages proficiency. Check out the images below and see why this project is quite possibly the best office complex we have ever featured, at least in my eyes. Don’t forget to check out the cool video that follows the photos.

Images Credited to Lara Swimmer