Why Paul Smith Is The King Of Cool!

June 5, 2013

By now you will have noticed how much we love color in interior architecture and design, it’s one of our favorite things to do, use lot’s of color in projects that lend themselves well to the use of it. With that in mind we have been waiting to see today’s feature project for a long time.  Paul Smith is a brand we have long adored, so much so that we regularly use the Paul Smith Fabrics in our projects and our BDD has quite a few shirts he proudly shows off.

Their new store in Beijing is brilliant; the signature Paul Smith exterior façade is very captivating and definitely one that would make you stop in your stride and encourage you to come in, the interior is as equally attractive and what appeals to me most is how subtle the brand comes across through the interior design, the loud attention grabbing exterior does not translate to the interior, it is much softer yet still equally as attractive.

I also like how the menswear clearly is menswear, the design of the area is strong and manly and the ladies section is equally as distinguishable through delicate and dainty touches, lastly what I really like is how the Paul Smith cool factor is found across all of the funky visual merchandising piece’s and props, all in all there is so much to love about this project, have a look at the images below to see why Paul Smith is one of the coolest retail brands on the planet.

Paul Smith Interior Design8

Paul Smith Interior Design

Paul Smith Interior Design2

Paul Smith Interior Design3

Paul Smith Interior Design4

Paul Smith Interior Design5

Paul Smith Interior Design6

Paul Smith Interior Design7