With An Eye On The Detail!

When we were puting together our blog post on pharmacy design we discussed other types of retail stores that get a bad rap for being notoriously bland. One such store type that we agreed on was opticians, opticians fall into the same unfortunate category as pharmacies due to their past reputation as being somewhat medicinal.

Due to this optician stores were designed off the same blueprint as pharmacies or clinics, white, bland, inoffensive and completely neutral. Thankfully this is no longer the case, glasses have become sexy again, I doubt 50 to 100 years ago you would have seen people choosing to wear glasses for fashion purposes, but now it’s all the rage, and with this, a new sexier, glam and quirky approach to optician or eyewear retail design has been awakened, some of the results being fantastic stores on our high streets or in our malls.

One such store is the Kirk Originals store located in the West End of London. This Kirk Originals store was designed by London based design agency Campaign, we have featured Campaign previously when we blogged their awesome Dr Martens pop up retail concept in Spitalfields Market. 

What we love about this store design is its bare bone approach, no medicinal graphics, mind numbing info boards, smatterings of utterly pointless LCD screens showing constant yacky looped promos of latest research carried out in the university of *insert random place*. The approach is to put the product on a pedestal, out there in the open, not shaded or overshadowed by trite promo material. This design say’s “we sell glasses”, nothing more, nothing less.

Here is a brand and a designer giving the consumer some credit for a change, there is no need for a large section saying “ eye tests here” as the brand and the designers take it for granted (and so should they) that the consumer should know that if they are selling prescription glasses there must obviously be a testing area. In this store the testing area is in the basement, out of the way so as not to detract from the main purpose of the store, to sell glasses.

The graphics that are used are standout, quirky and instantly grab your attention, we read recently that only 31% of consumers admit to noticing window displays, I would hazard a guess and say that this Kirk Originals store punches well above its weight and attracts a much higher percentage.  The graphics of the store also break up the black and white base tone of the store by adding subtle influences of colour that add positively to the overall look and feel of the store.