With Great Design Size Doesn’t Matter!

October 15, 2012

Following on from yesterdays article about how great design can be all around us today’s feature is an example of where size does not have to be a hindering boundary when it comes to creating an awesome design for a project. Often we speak to friends and clients about office design and they usually say something along the lines of, “our office is so small, you can’t really do much with it” well, today’s feature project is one that laughs in the face of that notion.

Designed by Zest Architecture this office is in Barcelona houses not one but two small companies, one an architecture firm and the other an e-commerce firm. Office Dones del 36 is a wicked example of where a small office can still be an awesome office just by being a little clever with the space planning and the design features. From the images below you can see how the space has been divided cleverly to house the two companies comprising of a meeting room, a library, a projection / presentation area, work benches, 9 workspaces, a pantry and a toilet. For me the favorite element has to be the clever space planning and the meeting room feature that doubles up as a library and a presentation screen, this single component takes this space to a whole new level, I am also a huge lover of the use of the materials, polished concrete flooring and the bamboo wood structures go together like tea and biscuits.

Photography Credited to Adría Goula