Wooden Simplicity!

April 9, 2012

Yesterday we featured one of the most minimalist retail interior designs that we have come across, so today we thought we would look at a more middle of the road minimalist interior that uses one central design feature as the inspiration for the project, this time we are stepping out of the retail world and back into the hospitality world.

Our search for interesting interiors takes us to Denmark, to a café called Café Dansk which is based inside the Danish Design Center. Being based in such a creative building meant that this café had to shine with design and it certainly does that. Danish Design firm Remove have built their design around their custom made and designed wood furniture. In this project the furniture isn’t simply an add-on or a last minute solution to fill the space, no, in this project the furniture is the design feature.

If you see in the images below the regular, ordinary dining tables, while beautifully made are give an enhance character by the timber frames, I love this idea, this addition of texture and depth. I dare say this also adds a nice acoustic element to the design, but most importantly what it does do is to allow the design to still be “open” and free yet still retain a sense of privacy for the customers. Very clever and oh so simple, but then again the best ideas always are.

Images Credited to Niclas Jessen