Working With The Great Outdoors!

August 25, 2011

It’s a tremendous pain in the bum, but when we meet someone new outside of our industry and tell them that we are interior architects, the inevitable happens, they respond with something alluding to the fact that we must live in a beautiful house.  As we die a little inside every time we hear this we have to remember that each profession has a certain stigma attached to it.

For example we all imagine chefs get home after a long 18 hour shift and immediately get to work creating some gourmet food, yet the reality of it is that they are just as likely to tuck into some beans and toast, the same way that in reality my house is just as messy as yours or just as comfortable or at times as manic as the next door neighbours.

However this line of thought triggered something inquisitive in me to go out and research office space, when we think of Interior Designers or Architects offices we imagine them to be thrilling hubs of activity and design genius, when in reality most of them are rather boring and dull, take our office for example, it would be kind to say it’s designed for function rather than style. Nevertheless there are some rare gems out there, and we are going to feature one of them today.

An architectural firm that has a design space to be proud of, a design space to promote and a design space to raise envy amongst their competitors is Selgas Cano Architecture, their amazing office space was designed by Iwan Bann and is based in Madrid, have a look at the images below and let us know what you think, I am going to get started on working on a version for Studio EM to be placed beside the beach.