You Had Me At iPad Wall!

February 13, 2012

We have featured many cool sport shops on this blog in the past but there is one brand that is becoming synonymous with awesome retail interior design and we have yet to feature them, isn’t it about time we rectified this? The new Puma flagship store in Paris is just another wicked example of Puma’s intention of becoming shining lights in the world of sports retail interior design.

The store which was designed by Plajer & Franz Studio is a fascinating mix of sustainable eco friendly design that meets new age technology. The design can be described as a stripped back design that allows the product to be the real hero, for me trainers have always been at the core of Puma, perhaps this is why I like this design so much because it is the trainers that are at the forefront, due to a mix of clever visual merchandising and even better lighting design.

Where this design gets really clever is with the use of technology, frequent readers of this blog and our clients know all too well my love for anything Apple based and particularly iPad’s, the iPad plays a huge part in the visual merchandising of this store as well as enhancing the customer experience through interaction. They are strategically placed throughout the store for customers to browse through an online brochure or the Puma app, they also act as info points for the apparel, a tech geeks dream. But the crème de la crème when it comes to the iPad’s is the iPad wall, it is supremely cool, you can see it in the images below,  the idea is that this will soon act as a portal that will connect customers in this store with customers in Puma’s stores throughout the world, how much does that sound like an awesome idea?

To counter act all this technology we are pleased to hear that the environment and sustainability did play a factor in this design, the woods used are FSC certified woods as are the floor finishes, low-emitting paint and an efficient lighting concept are also used in this project, this gets a big tick from us. We really dig this store because it is so different and perhaps innovative but we dig it mostly because the product is still the hero and that is the key for us, plus who couldn’t love a store that had a big red Bat-Phone in it.

Images Credited To Manuel Schlüter and Puma