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December 10, 2014

The Power List 2014 – Top 50 Most Influential Designers Middle East!

Today I got the awesome news that I have been listed in Commercial Interior Design Magazine’s 2014 Power List of the top 50 most influential professionals from the design industry in the region. I am so unbelievable honored and humbled as well as being mega chuffed to have been included on the list for the […]

November 25, 2014

Generating Interest Amongst Hostel Dwellers & Design Lovers!

I am so excited to be able to say that next week I will be striking one of Europe’s premier design destinations off of my to do list, that being Barcelona, so to celebrate I thought it would be only right to feature a super mega cool project from Barcelona and one that is worthy […]

Snowdrop Pendant Light Designed by Innermost. 4

September 21, 2014

Snowdrops Lighting The Way!

We are currently working on a wicked new retail concept and as many of you know, I do love bringing color into my projects, so when I was researching finishes for this new store concept I came across these amazing light fittings and thought that I simply had to share them on this blog. This […]

Pull & Bear Store Interior Design, Barcelona14

September 18, 2014

A Bear Couldn’t Pull Me Out Of This Awesome Store!

As the weekend is about to hit and the temperatures are cooling down (slightly) and because we are super tired from another mega awesome week at EMquarters we thought we would share a really cool, laid back and darn right funky project that has got us in the mood for the great outdoors this weekend. […]

Mojo Coffee House Interior Design5

September 4, 2014

A Cafe Designed To Raise Your Mojo!

Well hello everyone, we are back from our Summer jollies and delighted to be back into the thick of things at Studio EM HQ. What a summer it has been for us in terms of new projects and completing existing projects, it has also been a wonderful summer for design as a whole with some […]

Modern Supermarket Interior Design 2

July 20, 2014

A Perfectly Imperfect Farmers Market!

Sunday is the day for the weekly shop in our household and as many of you hopefully know, the Sunday shop is something to be feared and avoided where possible. Those of you who don’t feel the same way obviously have an awesomely designed supermarket near you and not a bulky painful poorly designed hypermarket […]

Interior Design For Butchers or Meat Market

July 13, 2014

Prime Design For The Prime Cuts!

Sunday, the food day I look forward to the most in our house as it can only mean one thing, it’s time for a yummy Sunday roast. A Sunday roast also means a trip to our local butchers to get some meat, now if my local butchers was as amazing as todays feature project then […]

Kessalao Take Away Interior Design, Bonn, Germany, Designed by Masquespacio, 5

July 10, 2014

Take Away Positive Vibes With Your Food!

We’re going into the weekend with a big smile on our face this week because of today’s fabulously cool and bright project. Continuing on from our recent take away / fast food theme the project is a delightful take away café called Kessalao and is based in Bonn, Germany. Designed by Spanish design consultancy Masquespacio, […]

Mexican Fast Food Interior Design2

July 9, 2014

A Fun Take On The Flavour’s Of Mexico!

Today’s feature project is another recent example of cool fast food design and this time it comes all the way from Mexico, which is great as it combines my love for Mexican food and for funky interior design. The project is called Taqueria La Lucha and was designed by Metricastudio to capture a sense of […]

Opening Ceremony Retail Interior Design London4

July 3, 2014

A Store Worthy Of An Opening Ceremony!

Back in April after our trip to Japan we featured the stunning Opening Ceremony store in Harajuku on this blog, so we were super thrilled when we came across the new Opening Ceremony flagship store in London as it is as equally awesome as its Tokyo based counterpart. The store measures a whopping 7,500 square […]

Yelp Office Interior Design

July 2, 2014

An Office Worth Reviewing!

It’s time for some super awesome office design inspiration and as most of our cool office projects do, it comes all the way from San Francisco, California. San Francisco is home to some of the most recognizable office designs in the world, including, Skype, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Adobe and Dropbox. Adding their name to that […]

Sushi Restaurant Interior Design

July 1, 2014

Designed To Get You Into The Groove!

Today’s feature project combines a number of my loves, sushi, Japanese inspired design, stunning artwork and creative F&B interior design. The project is called Sushi Groove Market restaurant and is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed by AlvinT Studio, the restaurant is a bright modern day interpretation of the famous Japanese fish markets and pays homage […]

Besitias XX Shoe store interior design by MoVe Architects

June 26, 2014

12 Square Meters Of Ultimate Creativity!

Today’s project is a seriously brilliant example of being creative with a tiny space, in this case a miniscule 12 square meters. Now 12 square meters can be a large space but it does depend on the purpose of the space, as an ant’s nest, it’s practically an island however if I was to say […]

Hair Salon Interior Design21

June 25, 2014

A Salon Like No Other!

Today’s feature project is a real cracker and comes from the beautiful coastal city of Marseille in France and it is definitely one of best salon projects I have come across in terms of creativity and awesomeness. The salon is called Le Coiffeur and it’s a beautiful example of minimalist design that is both quirky […]

Arabic Fast Food Design 3

June 24, 2014

Middle Eastern Design For On The Go!

Last week we featured a wicked project that showcased the potential that fast food design can have if a little thought and talent is applied to it. Fast food or Grab & Go concepts are on the rise with loads of new independent brands coming to the fore and with that some awesome designs. Today’s […]

Apple Store Interior Design 7

June 23, 2014

The Evolution Of Apple Store’s Continue!

We have been waiting some time now for a new brand of Apple store to open and not to be disappointed, Foster + Partners have now completed on the new Apple flagship store in Istanbul and as you would expect, it’s a beauty. The soon to be iconic store is gorgeous, both architecturally and within […]

Tea Store interior design2

June 17, 2014

The Beginning Of A Great Cuppa!

We’ve noticed a bloom recently, a bloom in the opening of gorgeous tea stores across the world. Tea Stores have become really popular over the past while, perhaps we’re becoming a more health conscious bunch or the marketing teams behind the tea companies have really got their act together, whatever the reason, we’re delighted as […]

Beach Shop Interior Design

June 11, 2014

A Delightful First Stop For The Holiday Season!

Earlier this week we started to lay the foundation for the upcoming holiday season by taking a look at an awesome Hotel project as our feature project, so today we thought we would compliment it with a look at a delightful little beach wear store, after all for most of this, this summer is going […]

Maison Thoumieux hotel Interior Design by India Mahdavi

June 9, 2014

Take A Break With Retro Elegance!

It’s that time of the year again when we all gear up for our summer holidays, a welcome break from the heat of Dubai but also a chance for us to partake in one of our favourite pastimes, checking out awesome design projects in other countries, starting of course with the hotel. A great holiday […]

Fast Food Interior Design 2

June 3, 2014

Fast Food Gets Real!

One area in the interior design world that is often overlooked is the fast food world. Within this world the majority of the time it is fair to say that design is often an after thought to many other seemingly more important elements and functions, which is tragic in a away as projects such as […]

SUIT interior design by HAF Studio, Reykjavik

May 28, 2014

A Chip Off The Old Block!

One of my favourite materials to use in our interior design projects has got to be chip wood, I absolutely love its raw and rustic appeal as well as its versatility and how it can really give a whole personality to a store design. Today’s feature project is called SUIT and it’s an awesome example […]

Yo Story frozen yoghurt store interior design by ORO Design, Sydney7

May 27, 2014

Top Off Your Yoghurt With Some Design Sprinkles!

I do love a cheeky frozen yogurt or two after lunch in the office, especially during these hotter months where a small cup can cool me down in an instant, what I also love about frozen yogurt is how creative and playful you can be with it, especially when it’s a self serve concept. This […]

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Interior Design by Martin Brudnizki

May 20, 2014

It’s Not Just The Burgers That Will Have You Drooling!

It’s so hard to beat a good burger joint, there’s nothing I love more than tossing back a yummy burger, some fries and a shake after a Saturday afternoon on the beach and it’s even better when that burger joint is an awesomely designed, relaxed and darn right cool place.  That’s exactly what today’s feature […]

Designers For Exhibition Stand Dubai2

May 19, 2014

Exhibiting Design Awesomeness!

This week sees INDEX Dubai kick off and as such we are sure to be scouring the halls of The Dubai World Trade Centre looking for the finest and funkiest projects for our projects throughout the region, it’s like supplier heaven.  However, one of the other perks of Exhibition week is the fact that we […]

Restaurant Interior Designer Company6

May 14, 2014

Fishing For Inspiration!

Today’s daily search for inspiration has taken us all the way to Jakarta in Indonesia to a wicked restaurant concept called Fish & Co.  Designed by Metaphor this space is a great example how interior design can transport you out of your current surrounding to anywhere you want. From the interior images below, one would […]

Pharmacy Interior Design

May 13, 2014

A Prescription Of Colour!

It’s been a while since we featured an awesome pharmacy design on here so today is the day that we break that duck with this wicked little number from Studio EM favorites, Marketing-Jazz. The Pharmacy is called Boticana and is based in Spain, what we love about this pharmacy is the color it brings to […]

Kids Cavern D01h_Candy

May 12, 2014

Designed To Tickle Your Taste Buds!

We’re having a ball of a time working on our new designs for Candylicious in The Dubai Mall and Yas Mall, we are quite literally like big kids in a sweetshop. Working with Candy, Chocolate and all things nice for an agency such as ours is a bit of a dream but before we get […]

Cafe interior designers 2

May 10, 2014

Come On In For A Taste Of The Good Life!

I do love a super cool café project, a place to kick back sip a coffee and read a good book while the world passes me by, today’s feature project, The Good Life Eatery is a perfect example of an awesome space that I look for when I want to chill out at lunch or […]

DATBAR Designed by Dirty Hands, Newcastle 3

May 9, 2014

Dirty Hands Make For Creative Spaces!

I do love how wicked graphic design, typography and branding can really elevate a project into the super awesome category and today’s feature project is a prime example of that. DATBAR is based in Newcastle, England and as the name would suggest it is indeed a bar and restaurant concept. Designed by Dirty Hands, this […]

Adobe Office Interior Design 3

May 7, 2014

Where Great Products Are Thought Out!

As interior architects and designers we know how awesome and important the wicked guys over at Adobe are, they make our lives so much easier with super cool programs to aid us with our designs, we love their programs and now we can safely say that we also love their new office design in San […]

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Interior Designer

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